Davide backers say people, not mayors to decide polls

Posted on March 29, 2010


By Chris A. Ligan, Correspondent

Despite the local administration’s vaunted political machinery, backers of Liberal Party (LP) gubernatorial candidate Hilario Davide III remain optimistic that he has more than a fighting chance to win the top Capitol post in this year’s elections.

NoynoyMar volunteer movement coordinator and lawyer Democrito Barcenas said they are not worried over the pledges of support from nearly all mayors and barangay captains for incumbent Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia.

Barcenas made the statement even as nearly 15,000 residents of Tuburan town and other municipaliies in Cebu’s third district attended the LP’s second grand campaign rally in Tuburan yesterday.

Before the the grand rally, a caravan organized by LP local candidates and led by Tuburan mayoralty candidate Aljun Diamante was participated by hundreds of motorists, including motor bike riders.

In his speech, Davide voiced his gratitude for the crowd support and said the show of force would also translate to votes for the LP tandem of Senators Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and Mar Roxas in the coming elections.

He said it is not the mayors but the people who will decide who becomes governor of the province.

“If Gwen is banking on her machinery, we will take care of the sentiments of the people,” said Barcenas.

Barcenas recalled the election in 1971 when former Cebu governor Osmundo Rama won over Beatrice Durano.

He said Durano had the support of all the mayors, congressmen, barangay captains and even then president Ferdinand Marcos.

“The elections are decided by the people, not the mayors and the congressmen. We have proven that in 1971 and I think that Cebuanos are going to repeat the history,” Barcenas said.

He said Cebu residents should not forget the issues raised against the governor in her two term tenure such as the overpriced lampposts and construction of the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) and the controversial Balili property purchase.

Barcenas said they already organized volunteers in Cebu’s sixth district and are firming up volunteers in the fifth district.

For his part, former congressman Antonio Yapha said the huge crowd turnout at the LP rally showed that Cebuanos wanted a change of administration.

He also denied Cebu 3rd dist. Rep. Pablo John Garcia’s allegation that he was unable to give many projects in the third district.

Yapha said he funded many programs for the province’s third district but didn’t mark them with his name, unlike Garcia.