Mary Ann, Cutie pass up debate challenge

Posted on March 29, 2010


FORMER Magdalo soldier Ashley Acedillo may not have the same resources as his rivals in Cebu City’s south district, but he is willing to give them a run for their money.

A former deputy chief of staff of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, Acedillo resigned last October to pursue his bid for the city’s south district.

He kicked off his campaign with visits to houses, introducing himself to voters.

In order to raise his profile, Asedillo also challenged Lahug barangay captain Mary Ann de los Santos and Rachel “Cutie” del Mar, daughter of outgoing Cebu City North Dist. Rep. Raul del Mar to a debate.

While saying that she never turned down an invitation to a forum or debate, delos Santos said she would rather have it with Cutie.

“But I’m not so interested for a debate with Asedillo. I’m so much interested to have it with Cutie.” the Lahug barangay captain said.

De los Santos said it is time Cutie proves herself a worthy candidate and not have to rely on her father’s name or resources.

“That is not fair, we have an absentee candidate. It’s not (Rep.) Raul (del Mar) anymore who is running for congressman.” Delos Santos added.

Cutie earlier begged off from attending any forum, saying her party the Bando Osmena- Pundok Kauswagan (BO-PK) “has an existing policy” that inhibits them from attending fora with opposing candidates.”

Instead, Cutie said the BO-PK goes directly to barangays to discuss their platforms and advocacy.

Acedillo is also adopting the same approach, albeit with limited resources at his disposal.

“We try to use our resources slowly. We have limited resources (but) not all those who have much resources win. I shouldn’t have run in the first place (if I don’t believe that I can make it),” Acedillo told reporters yesterday noon.

“It’s different if people will touch your flesh other than just hearing you on radios or television,” he said after joining a caravan of senatorial candidate Lt. Col. Ariel Querubin, another former Magdalo soldier.

Acedillo, a former Air Force combat pilot, said his advantage stems from running a focused campaign.

In 2003, Acedillo joined 321 junior officers and occupied Oakwood Hotel to air their grievances against the government.

He was later jailed and released in 2008. /Reporters Ador Vincent Mayol and Fe Marie Dumaboc

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