Villar man continues to woo gov, mayors in Cebu

Posted on April 16, 2010


By Carine M. Asutilla, Correspondent
The courtship continues.

Dumanjug Mayor Cesar Baricuatro, chairman of the Manny Villar for President Movement in Cebu, said yesterday that he continues to convince mayors from Cebu’s 2nd district to the 5th district to shift their support from Lakas-Kampi CMD presidential candidate Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro to Nacionalista Party’s standard bearer Sen. Manny Villar.

But after Rep. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz and six other mayors and about 179 political leaders in the first district of Cebu changed party alliances from Lakas to NP, Baricuatro said no other Cebu mayors has agreed to support Villar.

Baricuatro said the mayors would tell him that they would only leave Teodoro if Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia would shift her support to Villar.

Baricuatro said he was hoping that Governor Garcia would campaign for Villar before election day.

Baricuatro, who earlier planned to run for congressman in the 2nd district, said he opted not to run against Rep. Pablo Garcia because he wanted to focus on Villar’s campaign.

Baricuatro said that part of his job would be to convince the mayors to support Villar.

He claimed there was no money involved in his part of the negotiation. He said that it was proper for Villar to give monetary support to the mayors because they would be the frontliners of his campaign.

He said that the mayors need financial support to do the campaign for Villar and it has always been a practice for national candidates to support their local candidates.

Baricuatro earlier said that there would be mayors particularly in the second district who would leave Teodoro to support Villar.

He clarified that he was hoping that the mayors would leave Teodoro for Villar.

In the meantime, Luigi Quisumbing, administration party’s candidate for Congress in the 6th District, admitted that they hadn’t received a single penny from Lakas-Kampi-CMD as monetary funds for the campaign.

Quisumbing said he was not expecting anything from the party because it would be difficult for a candidate to launch his campaign based on the funding given by the party.

He said that the candidate’s campaign should be based on platforms and programs.

Quisumbing cited the advantages of being in the administration party. These include Quisumbing, being the chairman of the party in the 6th district, will have watcher accreditation and for being the dominant majority party, Lakas-Kampi CMD candidates will be entitled to a copy of elections returns.

He said that that as a member of One Cebu Party he believe in the call of Governor Gwen Garcia for Palabra de Honor. He said they will be with Garcia in the call to solidify Cebu and support Teodoro.