Gibo’s wife campaigns, avoids media

Posted on April 19, 2010


By Dale G. Israel, Reporter

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SHE was nearly everywhere in Metro Cebu but Tarlac Rep. Monica “Nikki” Louise Prieto-Teodoro proved elusive to local media, preferring to surround herself with supporters and political allies.

The wife of Lakas-Kampi presidential standard bearer Gilbert Teodoro went to the malls, took lunch in an open foodcourt, heard mass at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, joined volunteers in a caravan and shook hands with people on the streets early yesterday.

During that time, she refused to be interviewed by local media.

Rex Carampatan, president of the Green Team Cebu who campaigns for Teodoro, said the legislator told the volunteers that she was hurt about the alleged biases by the media against her husband.

“When we have our rallies, if there are 1,000 people attending it, they would say it is 500, and if there are 500 people in our caravans, then they (media) would say there are only 100. Media is really biased,” she was quoted as telling Green Team Cebu volunteers.

Attempts by reporters to ask her for an interview were blocked by her staff.

At the malls, Rep. Teodoro said she was busy and could not grant interviews with the media.

When she dropped by the Capitol, her staff told media she was resting.

Later, she literally ran away when reporters tried to talk to her at the end of the program for Green Team supporters.

The Capitol program organized by Green Team volunteers was kicked off with a performance from the rock band Rivermaya, who is endorsing Teodoro.

She only granted an interview with columnist Bobit Avila, who is actively campaigning for Teodoro’s presidential bid in Cebu.

When Nikki saw reporters at the Capitol social hall, she ran off with her staff and hid at the Governor’s Office.

When reporters caught up with her at the Governor’s Office, she stayed inside and glanced at the reporters waiting outside.

Carampatan apologized to the media on her behalf. Rep. Teodoro joined the crowd of about 300 people at the Capitol quadrangle for a prayer rally and later left for the airport.

It was said that Rep. Teodoro didn’t want interviews with the local media because they were affiliated with their national counterparts.

In her website,, she was described as reluctant on giving interviews with media.

“Very few would speak on record about her. Hopelessly elusive to the media, even her own mother needs to ask her permission to talk about her to media, whispered one who, of course, requested anonymity,” the website said.