Noynoy’s call for people power if he loses ‘crazy’ – Cardinal

Posted on May 2, 2010




Manila—Warnings of people power if the elections are wracked by fraud are “irresponsible” and “crazy, crazy, crazy,” according to Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales.

Rosales made the statement when sought for comment on statements attributed to Liberal Party presidential candidate Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III that there could be people power if he is cheated in the May 10 elections.

One newspaper report quoted Aquino as saying that only fraud could make him lose the elections, and that if the people’s will is thwarted, they could take to the streets.

Rosales said he has not heard anybody make these statements, but he disagreed with such a view.

“I did not hear that but if anyone said that, that is [an] irresponsible statement,” he told reporters in an interview.

He said if there was a basis to call for people power, he was not averse to it, but he indicated that he saw no reason to call for any mass movement of people.

He said the situation in 1986, when Filipinos turned up in massive numbers to oust a dictator, was different from the country’s current condition.

“Why inject that, why infuse that into the present situation?” he said. “Remember at that time there was a dictator and the dictator was there with no real credible election, only referendum, and it was as long as 20 years. Good heavens. Do you repeat that? No, come on, let’s use our head; these are two different things.”

He added that anybody in the place of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin, who supported the 1986 revolt, would have to do what he did. But he said that at that time, there were “unimaginable things,” such as the fact that there had been no credible elections for 20 years.

“Come on, come on, that’s just crazy, crazy, crazy. These are two different things. That’s why whoever said that, that’s a little different. Whoever said that—I have never heard him—but any kind of thinking [like] that is irresponsible thinking,” he added.

Asked if he would call for people power if the elections would not be credible, he said he would not since there are legal recourses that people could take.

“No. For heaven’s sake there is the Constitution. All these are covered by provisions of the Constitution. If there are complaints, credible, you go to the Comelec, you go to Congress, because you still have that,” he said. /INQUIRER