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Posted on May 7, 2010


Georgia eyes better services for a ‘prouder’ Cebu City

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Georgia dela Rama Osmeña says she wants to do a better job of running Cebu City than her brother’s team.

Some basic services have not been given importance like street repair, garbage collection, and water supply, says the 56-year-old real estate broker.

Outspoken and strongwilled, the youngest sister in the Osmeña brood is seeking election for the first time.

“It’s in the blood,” she said in September 2009 when she finalized her decision that “now is the best time for me to come in… in between the senior citizens and all the nephews.”

While she doesn’t have the endorsement of elder brother Mayor Tomas Osmeña and is running as an independent, she hopes to stir loyal Osmeñistas, who remember the legacy of public servce of their late father “Serging,” Cebu City’s legendary mayor, and grandfather Don Sergio, a Commonwealth president.

Educated in Manila, New York and California, she became a licensed real estate broker in the United States and was a director of Keystone Trading Company, the holding company of the Dollars and Cents chain of stores.

After her father died in the US in 1984, she returned to the Philippines. She married Negros businessman Luis Jalandoni in 1987 in Cebu City. The couple later separated and a custody battle over their three children made the headlines when she filed kidnapping charges against her spouse and school officials. The episode also caused a rift between Georgia and sister-in-law Margot Osmeña, whose driver had fetched the kids from school and brought them to their father. The kids were returned after several months of anxious waiting.

Today, with the children all grown, Georgia takes on a a new challenge as leader of her own group “Go Cebu” with a runningmate and complete slate of councilor candidates.

She is president of GRO Realty, Inc. and an active member of the Cebu Realtor’s Board where she’s the auditor. She is also member of the Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards.

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