Posted on May 13, 2011


Cops pick up Joavan on his way to post bail

By Ador Vincent S. Mayol and Edison A. delos Angeles
Joavan Fernandez was steps away from securing temporary liberty from the court when police officers arrested him.

Joavan, the adopted son of Talisay City Mayor Socrates Fernandez, was nabbed at the ground floor of the Palace of Justice in Cebu City about 4:10 p.m. yesterday.

The police handcuffed and brought Joavan to the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) where he is presently detained.

Joavan was on his way up to the sala of Municipal Trial Court in Cities Judge Pamela Baring-Uy who is handling the charges of malicious mischief and direct assault filed against him.

He already paid a surety bond to satisfy the P12,000 bail on the charges of direct assault filed against him.

Joavan need not post bail on the malicious mischief charges.

Instead of bringing him directly to the judge, the police officers brought Joavan to the CCPO.

Joavan said he couldn’t believe that he’d be arrested by Investigation and Detection Management Branch (IDMB) Chief George Ylanan.

“Wala gyud ko magdahum nga ila ko dakpon kay naa na gud ko didto gud. Human na og bayad ang and pyansa (I was not expecting them to arrest me because I already paid the bail),” he said.

Joavan was arrested by Ylanan’s team as he was about to go up to the Palace of Justice.

He was handed a document of the case that he was arrested for.

“Ila ko gibasahan og papel about sa akong kaso. Same case nga human na nako og bayad og pyansa pero wala pa lang nako napermahi,” he said.

He said they blocked his path as he was about to go up the Palace of Justice and handed him the warrant of arrest for his case of assault on persons of authority when he allegedly rammed a police car a few months ago.

He complained that the process to detain him was slow and he could have been released had they hastened the process.

It took almost 30 minutes for Joavan to be checked at the Cebu City Center and was brought back to the CCPO where he later met his father, Mayor Fernandez.

“Gahuwat ang judge nako hangtud 6 p.m. pero dugay kaayu diri. Pwede na unta ko kagawas (The judge was waiting until 6 p.m., but the process here was slow. I could have been released earlier),” said Joavan

CCPO Police Chief Ramon Melvin Buenafe said he ordered Ylanan to let Joavan go through the process properly and to assure him fair treatment.

“Ngayon, nasa loob siya ng kulungan namin. Kung gusto nyang matulog dyan, eh pwede siyang matulog,” he said.

Mayor Fernandez rushed to the court to find out the requirements for Joavan’s release.

The mayor was told by one of the judge’s staff that Joavan had to be physically present in court so his release order will be signed.

The court’s staff had to call the Investigation and Detective Management Branch (IDMB) of the CCPO so Joavan will be presented before the court.

The judge waited for the police to bring Joavan.

However, police failed to present Joavan as the court closed to 6 p.m. yesterday.

In an interview at the Palace of Justice, Mayor Fernandez requested the police to uphold the rule of law.

“We are not above the law. Joavan is subject to the law. But he has the right to post bail. I hope they (police) will respect that,” the mayor told reporters.

He said he didn’t know why Joavan was arrested.

“I don’t know the basis of the arrest. The police are knowledgeable about the procedure. If Joavan had to post bail, they should have brought him to the court. Why did they hold him?” the mayor said.

When asked if he will file charges against the police, the mayor said “no” but with some considerations.

“My ways are not persecutive. You asked me whether or not we will file charges against the police, my answer is no. However, I don’t know what my lawyers and other people would advice me,” the mayor said.

Joavan was on board a red Isuzu Bighorn owned by Mayor Fernandez.

The vehicle, which has the name “Mayor” in front, was parked in front of the Palace of Justice.

The Cebu City Prosecutors’ Office found probable cause to indict Joavan on charges of malicious mischief and direct assault for allegedly ramming his vehicle into a police car driven by Chief Insp. George Ylanan, chief of the IDMB, last Feb. 6. /With reports from Correspondent Edison Delos Angeles, Gabriel C. Bonjoc and Chito O. Aragon