Uncle faces murder charge for killing niece and acting like a cannibal

Posted on May 25, 2011


Murder suspect Efren Matedios is brought by police to a hospital after his arrest for stabbing and disemboweling his 6-year old niece, Lara, in Tabuelan town. The child's mother Elizabeth Matedios (center), said she thinks he's insane./ CDN Photo Tonee Despojo

A murder charge has been filed against suspect Efren Matedios for cannibalizing his 6-year old niece before the Cebu Provincial Prosecutor’s Office.

He admitted the crime as it was whispered to him by some spirit who told him his niece is about to transform into a “mananangal”, a folklore figure whose body is half human and half-monster.

But fiscal Petronio Elestrio stopped the inquest proceedings saying the suspect has out-of-this-world actuations.

Elestrio hacked and disembowel Lara Mae Concodes last Monday night.

Prior to the crime, he wanted to sleep beside his niece but his mother objected prompting him to maul her.

She escaped and sought for help but when she arrived with some of the roving tanods, she saw him eating a portion of her granddaughter’s internal organ.

They saw Lara’s naked body lying on the floor while her internal organs were placed in a plate and drizzled with salt.

Elestrio is detained in Tabuelan municipal jail. / Reporter Ador Vincent Mayol

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