How to subsribe to the Digital Edition

Posted on June 13, 2011



1. To subscribe to Cebu Daily ews or Bandera, go to on your desktop or notebook computer

2. Click the Subscribe link at the upper right-hand corner of the page (just above the Inquirer front page).

3.  Once you reach the subscription form, enter your registration details, including your email adress and desired password.

4. Don’t forget to enter either CDNFREE30 or BANDERA30 in the offer code field to activate your trial subscription. Or, go on the subscriptioin plan page and select “1 month free trial” to try all titles free for 30 days.

5. Once your trial subscription is activated, click on the Digital Edition to start reading your issue.


1. If you have an Apple tablet or smartphone, download the companion Digital Edition app from

2. If you use an Android tablet or smartphone, click instead

3. On either app, click Settings and then Authorize to enter your e-mail address and password. This will link the app to your subscription account.

4. Once done, click Store to select which titles you want to download to your tablet or smartphone. Titles can be set to auto-download, meaning issues will be delivered automatically to your tablet or smartphone once they are available. (You can set the application to download only when on a wifi connection if you want to avoid cellular data charges).

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