Osmeña Blvd. for beauty fund-raiser?

Posted on July 27, 2011


Beautiful Cebu Management Foundation movers like architect Tessie Javier (with microphone), Mercy Abellana, Agnes Huettel and exporter Janice Minor discuss the Domingo sa Sugbu event with 888 News Forum host Ricky Rama Poca./ CDN Photo Sammy Yncierto


Proponents of the “Road Revolution” that seeks a vehicle-free and pollution-free Osmeña Boulevard on Sundays may find themselves joined by another group.

The Beautiful Cebu Movement (BCM) also wants to use Osmeña Boulevard on Aug. 14, a Sunday, for an event called Domingo sa Sugbo to highlight Cebuano art and culture.

Janice Minor, Cebuana exporter and BCM fundraising officer, visited Cebu City Vice Mayor Joy Augustus Young yesterday to explain the event.
She said the group plans to use Osmeña Boulevard up to Sanciangko Street.

“It’s our hope that if we could make the event a successful one, then we would like to ask the city’s permission to use it every Sunday,” Minor told Cebu Daily News.

The program will highlight Cebuano art and culture.
“We are making this event our first yard stick for our project,” she said.

The Domingo sa Sugbo would be part of activities of the celebration of the Provincial Capitol’s One Cebu from Aug. 5 to 15, marking the founding anniversary of Cebu province.

“By some miracle, Sunday is also the day that the Law of Nature Foundation, which is sponsoring the Road Revolution, is choosing as their concept and that is good so that we can join forces,” Minor said.
She clarified that BCM plans to use the road for fund-raising.

“We want to enjoin traders, cafes, restaurants and legal vendors to join us in this campaign since the proceeds of this activity are for the beautification of Cebu,” Minor said.

The plan calls for using the boulevard from the Capitol to Sancianko Street for pedestrians, stalls, bikers and skaters.

Vice Mayor Young said the proposal was good but that a road closure doesn’t sound feasible.

“I suggest that they use the downtown area since few motorists will be affected there,” Young said.

To date, the BCM raised P3 million out of a target P50 million for Cebu’s beatification program. /Correspondent Edison A. Delos Angeles