Child in critical condition after fall from school building

Posted on August 24, 2011


by Patricia Andrea Pateña, Correspondent

Cebu Daily News/ Breaking News


Clifford Booc, seven years old

A seven-year old boy is still in critical condition after falling down from the second floor of a school building last Tuesday noon.

Clifford Montana, Grade 1 student of the Lyceum of Cebu was reportedly playing near a broken railing of the school’s Basic Education Department building at lunch when he fell off the railing and landed headfirst, about 20 meters down on the cemented ground.

The accident happened at 12:45 noon. The railings where he played nearby lacked two of bars, leaving a space big enough for children to pass through.

Witness Anariz Cortel, a fourth year high school student, said she was at the canteen, across the building when the incident happened. She said she looked upward and noticed the boy playing and trying to reach their school’s flagpole.

She said Montana was holding on to one of the railings when he accidentally swung outwards through the open space and lost his grip, causing his fall.

The rest of the students only saw Clifford already lying flat on the ground, where his head landed on an elevated concrete ground where the flagpole stood.

He was declared in critical condition yesterday, as the CT Scan revealed a communited fracture of the right parital area of his head.

Montana’s 32-year-old mother Lucy Booc of Unit 3-A Villa Remegios barangay Kalunasan said she was worried when his son started vomitting and bled his mouth. She said she was with her son minutes before the incident.

Clifford remains confined at the Intensive Care Unit of the Cebu Doctors Hospital where he is being monitored for his swollen brain.