Bid to hike cockpit taxes hit

Posted on August 28, 2011


INSTEAD of doubling the taxes and permit fees on the operation of cockpits, the Cebu City government should instead regulate cockpit operations.

Agsungot barangay captain Pastor Alcover, a cockfight enthusiast, gave this proposal during last Wednesday’s public hearing on the proposed ordinance to increase taxes on cockpit operations sponsored by City Councilor Augustus Pe Jr.

Alcover said increasing cockpit taxes would deprive cockfighting enthusiasts of a source of relaxation and livelihood.

Victoriano Chiongbian, proprietor of the cockpit Grands Sports Game Club, said the proposed tax increase was disadvantageous to cockpit operators like him.

He suggested to lower taxes to help promote cockfighting, which he called was a national sport and a part of Filipino culture. /Chief of Reporters Doris Bongcac

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