Confessed killer took drugs and mother’s jewelry

Posted on August 28, 2011


Christian "Lucky" Dalangin killed his 53-year old mother Rubirosa Tencavez and buried her under their stockroom floor.

He joked around with law enforcers and kept on smiling.

“Murag napungot lang gyud ko ba (I just got pissed off),” said 25-year-old Christian “Lucky” Dalangin as he explained to reporters why he killed his mother by cutting her throat.

The young man was brought to the Palace of Justice yesterday where he was charged with parricide.

The killing of 53-year-old Rubirose Tenchavez had the additional horror of finding her body buried under the floor of a stockroom in the family residence in Gochan Subdivision, barangay Mambaling, Cebu City.

The hole was dug hours after the Aug. 23 murder to make a secret grave. Two paid laborers thought the hole was for a septic tank.

Dalangin yesterday admitted he’s been using illegal drugs for several years.

National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) agent Bernard de la Cruz said the young man, who was arrested Thursday, admitted using shabu just before and after attacking his mother at home with a kitchen knife.

“Christian used shabu before and after he killed his mother. He admitted it to me this morning,” said Dela Cruz.

Illegal drug use and rage over being scolded at home were believed to be triggers of the violence.

Dalanguin, a nursing graduate, said he was fed up with his mother’s nagging and false accusations.

“Morag napungot lang gyud ko ba. Nakalitan ko. Nangitom ang akong panan-aw. Ang iyang mga pasangil nako dili tinuod. Unya gipalayas ko niya (I got pissed off. I was caught by surprise. I blacked out. Her accusations were not true. She told me to leave the house),” Christian told reporters after inquest proceedings at the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office.

He was committed to the Cebu City Jail where he will be detained while waiting for the court’s verdict.

If convicted, Dalanguin faces a penalty of reclusion perpetua or 20 to 40 years of imprisonment.

Even with his extrajudicial confession, the full penalty will be imposed because “there is no mitigating circumstance here,” said NBI agent Dela Cruz.

After the murder, Dalanguin said he got his mother’s jewelry—eight rings, a necklace, earrings, a bracelet and P23,000 cash. He pawned one bracelet for P26,495 at the M. Lhuillier Pawnship in Mambaling. This was part of his getaway plan to fly to Manila.

In his affidavit, however, Dalanguin said he decided to surrender to the NBI-7.

“I want to unburden myself of the guilt feeling and to show my remorse and contrition for the horrible crime I did against my own mother,” he said in his extrajudicial confession, which was taken by lawyer Al Rey Ouano of the Publi Attorney’s Office and witnesses by his aunt Vivian Batayola.

Dressed in a basketball jersey and denim shorts, Dalanguin surprised reporters by looking relaxed, smiling and cracking jokes with NBI 7 agents and the media.

At one point, he told the agents, “Inig gawas nako sa prisohan, mag-inom unya ta (When I get out of jail, let’s have a drinking session).”

NBI-7 agent Dela Cruz noted the nonchalant attitude.

“You can’t see any remorse on his part. He keeps on smiling. Where can you find behavior like that?” the agent said.

Dalanguin said he was scolded by his mother who allegedly confronted him about some broken floor tiles and destroyed features of a computer.

He told reporters his mother “hated” him because he had similar facial features with his father Virgilio, who is presently based in Manila.

The couple’s marriage was previously annulled.

Asked if he regretted killing his mother, Dalanguin smiled and said, “Siempre (of course).”

His two brothers are set to arrive in Cebu this week for the funeral. They both work as nurses in Singapore and New Zealand.

If he’s allowed by authorities, Dalanguin said he would attend the burial of his mother.

“Ako gani naglibog nganong nahitabo to (I’m even confused why it happened),” he said.

An NBI autopsy of the mother’s body showed that the woman had two slash wounds on the neck, a stab wound on the right side of her face, and her mouth appeared to be smashed.

Criminal charges were filed in court and RTC Judge Eric Menchavez issued a commitment order to have him detained in the Cebu City Jail.

In his extrajudicial confession, Christian said he came home around 1 a.m. of Aug. 23 “a little bit tipsy” from drinking with friends at a videoke house nearby.

He was eating noodles and watching TV in the living room when his mother confronted him about broken floor tiles and blaming him of messing up the features of a computer.

“She continued nagging and telling me foul words. She ordered me to leave the house soon,” he said.

Dalanguin said he went back to the kitchen, got a knife and placed it behind his pants.

He returned to the living room where his mother continued nagging him.

The young man said he took out the knife and slit her throat twice.

“I felt she was already dead since she did not move,” Dalaguin said in his confession.

The son sought the help of his friend and neighbor Carmelo Echavirria, who was asked to help carry the body.

He said Carmelo first agreed then changed his mind upon seeing Rubirosa and hurriedly left the house.

“I was terribly afraid. I recalled covering the face of my mother with a garbage bag and afterwards I went upstairs thinking of what to do next,” Christian said.

At about 5 a.m., said Christian, he threw the knife down a manhole and dragged his mother’s body upstairs.

Christian said he first thought of burning the whole house to conceal what happened then decided to bury her instead.

He called a basketball buddy Randy Vilvestre and trisikad driver Arnel Omere to help dig a four-foot-deep hole. They thought it was for a septic tank and were paid P300 each for the labor.

By 5 p.m. Christian said he dragged his mother from his brother’s room upstairs down to the stockroom. He covered the body with soil, cleaned the bloodstains and called in his friend Vilvestre to apply concrete on top of the hole.

The NBI secured a search warrant and dup up the woman’s remains last Friday. Her remains are in the St. Peter memorial Chapel in New Imus, Cebu City. /By Ador Vincent Mayol, Reporter with Correspondent Rhea Ruth Rosell