Grand Legacy residents plan to hire own experts

Posted on August 28, 2011


Monterrazas aerial shot taken by the Phil. Airforce

A technical team will be tapped to support complaints of subdivision residents that upland developments in Cebu City were the cause of flooding in their homes.

Joe Barba, a resident of Grand Legacy Subdivision, said they are seriously considering hiring technical experts to inspect and report on deficiencies they blame on the Monterrazas de Cebu project.

“We will be forced to do it to prove that their development is risky and we can say with finality that it is unfit,” Barba told Cebu Daily News.

The Grand Legacy Homeowners Association was among those who complained against Genvi Development Corp. for diverting the natural outflow of rainwater from the mountains to their houses.

Grand Legacy is located below a e 74-hectare section of Monterrazas being developed as Phase 1 or Northvale.

Barba said storm water from heavy rains of the past days continue to course through their houses and damage their roads.

He said developers would just repeatedly repair the damage caused by the heavy water runoff until the road is destroyed again.

“We need to see a solid and tangible approach on what they’re talking about. They should set up long-term and effective solutions. What they’re doing now is just Band-Aid,” he said .

Genvi said the 13 detention ponds they built to slow down water discharge were already desilted to prevent rainwater from running to Grand Legacy below.

Barba said the subdivision still experience heavy flooding that brings down rocks and silt.

Genvi Development Corp. managing director Dindo Perez said they haven’t received any complaint in the past few days from homes of other subdivisions.

He said Genvi regularly desilts their ponds and are working on additional temporary silt ponds, detention ponds and erosion control plans.

Perez said they also plan to connect their ponds to the drainage systems of Grand Legacy and South Plain subdivisions to provide outlets for water coming from their development site.

The rainwater diversion plans is part of Phase II of the Monterrazas project, which would already involve the North Ridge cluster.

A joint team of the homeowners association, Genvi and officials of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-7) will conduct an ocular inspection of the temporary mitigating measures installed by Genvi on Sept. 20.

Perez said he is confident that the complainants and DENR would be satisfied with the mitigating measures Genvi installed.

Genvi is developing Phase 1, a 74-hectare segment called Northvale above Grand Legacy subdivision. Phase 1 is estimated to cost P1 billion. /By Candeze R. Mongaya, Reporter

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