‘Soil still moving, cracks forming in sinkhole area’

Posted on February 19, 2012


SOIL continued to move and more cracks formed around the sinkhole in a Dumanjug town farm when Cebu Daily News visited the site yesterday.

Farm caretaker Walter Pesalbon, 36, said that as of 3 p.m. part of the edge of the pit caved in.

The sinkhole was discovered last Friday in part of the 2.6-hectare Dumanjug farm.

Pesalbon said nothing like this happened before in the seven decades that his family owned the property, which was bought in 2006 by the daughter of Susana Inot, who married a Swedish national. Pesalbon’s family remains the caretaker of the farm.

Inot yesterday visited the farm, took pictures of the sinkhole and sent them to her daughter, who is in Sweden with her husband.

The sinkhole occured weeks after the Feb. 6 earthquake that hit Negros Oriental and Cebu. Dumanjug town in southwest Cebu is situated across Negros Oriental province.

Pesalbo said he noticed cracks in the ground before the sinkhole appeared, which he estimated to be 100 meters deep and 20 meters wide.

Pesalbo said the farm used to be a wide tract of land with coconut trees. The new owner transformed it into a farm with eggplants, mangoes and papayas.

The formation of the sinkhole in the area has attracted curious townsfolk, who take photos of the ununusual sight.

Police set up a yellow cordon near the sinkhole and posted two policemen and barangay tanods to take turns for a 24-hour watch. /By Carmel Loise Matus, Correspondent

Soil is still moving in sinkhole area. (CDN PHOTO/ JUNJIE MENDOZA)

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