Posted on March 8, 2012


AN OVERSEAS worker yesterday identified in court the alleged gunman in the killing of Cebu City Assistant Prosecutor Patrick Ian Osorio.

Sergio Abala said Lyndon Horandoy, a barber, was one of two motorcycle-riding men who ambushed Osorio along Ma. Gochan Street in barangay Mambaling, Cebu City.

Abala, a resident of barangay Mambaling, said he was walking along the road when he saw Horandoy disembark from a motorcycle driven by the other accused Allan Sinogat.

In his testimony before Regional Trial Court Judge Sylvestre Maamo Jr. of Branch 17, Abala said Horandoy was  wearing a “red plastic cap” on his  head during the incident.

Sinogat, on the other hand, was wearing a “black plastic cap,” he said.

Abala said Horandoy then approached the right side of Osorio’s vehicle and fired twice at it.

“During the first shot, our eyes (with Horandoy) met,” he said.

When asked to identify the gunman, Abala stood from the witness stand, approached Horandoy and pointed at him.

Abala will be cross-examined by the defense on March 26.

Sinogat was arrested in July 2009 while Horandoy, a barber, was arrested last Aug. 30 in barangay Guba, Cebu City.

Police said Horandoy executed an extra-judicial confession owning up to the gunslaying.

Horanday told Cebu Daily News t the confession was made without the presence of a lawyer and that he was tortured by the police.

He said he was forced to sign a statement prepared by the police to hasten the resolution of the nearly 3-year-old case. The pretrial conference will be on Dec. 19./REPORTER ADOR VINCENT S. MAYOL

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