Hail, whirlwind hits mountain barangay in Cebu

Posted on May 18, 2012


by Carmel R. Matus, Correspondent

Strong wind destroyed this nipa hut in Pinamungajan after it was rained with ice. (CDN PHOTO/ CARINE ASUTILLA)

Residents of the mountain community of Pinamungajan town, Cebu were dumbfounded to see hail stones falling from the sky and damaging their homes yesterday afternoon.

At least 175 houses were damaged when hail and a strong whirlwind struck the area, raining ice particles as big as a person’s thumb and blowing off nipa huts and fully grown trees.

Senior weather specialist Al Kiblat of the state weather bureau Pagasa said while the event is not extraordinary, these marked the first time that the twin weather anomalies happened in Central Visayas.

The day started out sunny until dark clouds hovered over the hills.  At 1 p.m., a resident named Angelisa Abadies was shocked to hear thunderstorms and lightning.

She heard something banging loudly on the rooftop and thought it wasn’t rain on going outside, Angelisa said she saw ice particles on the roof and on the ground.

It was followed by a strong wind that blew off the roofs of nipa huts and trees. The phenomenon lasted 10 to 20 minutes and covered barangays Lamac and Sibago.  Fallen banana shrubs and trees piled up everywhere in the area.

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