Palma tells Aquino: Tell the ‘real score’

Posted on July 22, 2012


MANILA–President Benigno Aquino III should tell the “real score” instead of his accomplishments in his 3rd state of the nation address (SONA) today, the head of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) told Radyo Inquirer 990 AM.

“How I wish that the SONA would reflect the reality of our country,” said Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, president of CBCP. He said it would be good for government to make people aware of the country’s actual situation.

“Like peace and order, economic situation, and above all to me, what of course has the President has done and what he plans to do as suggested by the Cabinet people (and) as reflected also by the many wishes and aspiration of the people,” he said.

Palma said it’s about time to hear “clear directions and clear programs for development and for peace program and for the growth of the nation.”

“I’m not a political analyst, but I want to see more on that direction and the goals, beside telling us what he accomplished. What I mean is be realistic. We want to know the real score,” he said.

That way, he said, the people might be able to collaborate and do their share for the growth of the nation.

The CBCP president then called on the people to listen to the President’s SONA and reflect how they could help the government and the country.

“As a means of renewal, as a means of development, I believe we should be part of our own responsibility. The growth of the nation, the recovery of the nation does not only depend in one person. Sa lahat yan,” Palma added.

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