Trader hits Mayor Radaza anew on garbage

Posted on August 31, 2012


Businessman Efrain Pelaez yesterday filed a complaint against Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza and 29 barangay captains for their failure to resolve the worsening garbage problem in the city.

In his complaint, Pelaez petitioned the Ombudsman-Visayas to hold the mayor and barangay officials liable for non-compliance of Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Law.

The law requires a “systematic, comprehensive, and ecological solid waste management program.” In a press statement, Mayor Radaza dismissed Pelaez’s complaint as a “cheap political trick.”

“After almost half a decade and despite the change in administration from Arturo to his wife Paz, nothing has been done to address this gravely alarming situation,” Pelaez said.

“On the eve of the launching of his candidacy for mayor in 2010, he used the same issue to prop up his campaign that eventually led to his defeat. Today, he is at it again, trying to make solid waste management an issue,” Radaza replied.

She said Pelaez spared barangay captain Isabelito Darnayla of Basak who has been her political opponent. Radaza said she repeatedly issued waste citation tickets to Darnayla to no avail.

“Basak road is a major artery in the city and the garbage problem created by the barangay captain is his way of sabotaging the city’s effort to keep it clean,” the mayor added.

Radaza said Lapu-Lapu City remains in the forefront in implementing the solid waste management laws./Reporter Ador V. Mayol

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