Man dies after being stabbed by daughter

Posted on September 17, 2012


SEEING her mother fall on the floor while her father started to cut her leg with a hacksaw drove their 11-year-old daughter to stab him with a knife, resulting in his death.

The 38-year-old man identified by police as Victoriano Alvarado of Canbanua, Argao town managed to run away but was found dead in a grassy area about 100 meters away from the family house.

Insp. Alejandro Batobalonos, chief of the Argao police, said the incident could have come straight from a movie. He said Alvarado and his live-in partner Lucy Umpad were in a heated argument at past 11 pm last Sunday.

Batabalonos said Alvarado and Lucy argued after she heard about him eating with another woman whom he allegedly had an affair with. He said Alvarado was about to punch Umpad so she got a bolo and hacksaw and threatened him.

But Alvarado got a piece of wood and hit her in the forehead. Batabalonos said the violence proved too much for their daughter.

“That’s the time that their daughter got the knife at the cabinet and stabbed him,”  Batobalonos said. The 12-inch kitchen knife was intentionally hidden by the girl upon her mother’s instructions so Alvarado couldn’t use it on her.

A neighbor named Miguel Tapales said he and other neighbors heard the couple quarreling at past 11 pm but they just ignored them, believing that it was just one of their usual quarrels.

But after several minutes, Tapales said the 11-year–old daughter went to them and asked for help. “She asked for help because she feared that her father would come back and threaten to kill her and her mother,” he said.

Tapales said the child admitted stabbing her father. When she was turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), she told the social workers that she couldn’t allow her mother to die in her father’s hands.

Batobalonos said Alvarado was a womanizer, who got sacked by Argao Mayor Edsel Galeos as driver for his heavy equipment business more than a week ago because he allegedly had an illicit affair with a fellow driver’s wife.

Just last week, a fellow driver of Mayor Galeos’s firm went to the police precinct to report that his wife reportedly left their house just to be with Alvarado.

Batobalonos also confirmed that an official of the Department of Environment and Resources (DENR) fired Alvarado from his driver’s job for having an affair with a married co-employee.

Batabalonos said Alvarado wanted to fix his relationship with Umpad for their daughter’s sake. /Correspondent Jhunnex Napallacan

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