Tomas is LP bet for city mayor

Posted on September 21, 2012


IT’s final. Rep. Tomas Osmeña of Cebu City’s south district received his certificate of nomination as the Liberal Party’s mayoralty candidate for the city yesterday.

A dismayed Mayor Michael Rama insisted that the role should be his.

“I’m the incumbent mayor and I am a bonafide member,” he said.

Asked what his fallback was for reelection without the LP behind him, Rama said he would announce it at the proper time.

Osmeña earlier received the authorization from LP president and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas to issue LP nominations to all BO-PK bets in Cebu City.

Rep. Rachel “Cutie” del Mar of Cebu City’s north district, a BO-PK ally received her party nomination from LP last Tuesday.

Osmeña said he’s waiting for certifications of nomination from LP for Councilor Rodrigo Abellanosa and former congressman Raul del Mar.

He said both del Mars already decided who between them would run for the city’s north district but they haven’t announced it.

A disappointed Mayor Rama said he had been calling Roxas since Wednesday to verify reports of LP’s support to BO-PK.

He said he will write Roxas within the week on his concern and won’t entertain these reports until he receives an official notice from the LP.

Rama said as far as he knows, LP nominations are only given to those who swear loyalty to the party.

The Osmeña-Rama political animosity didn’t spare the program for recognition of Cebu City’s 75 families of distinction that was held at the mayor’s office yesterday.

The Osmeñas and del Mars skipped a media presentation of the seven families – Alino, Aznar, del Mar, Escano-Garcia, Gothong, Osmena and Rodriguez – who are due for recognition in October.

Families of distinction are grouped and scheduled for recognition through exhibits and forums held every month.

Despite their alliance with LP in the 2010 national election and his appointment as party city chairman,

Osmeña and his Bando Osmeña-Pundok Kauswagan (BO-PK) group prefer not to take their oath with the national party, said its leader Osmena.

Of the BO-PK members then, only Rama took his oath with LP. /Chief of Reporters Doris C. Bongcac

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