Illegal pigpen demolition in Mandaue draws resistance on second day

Posted on September 28, 2012


by Fe Marie D. Dumaboc and Jucell Marie P. Cuyos, Correspondents


A Mandaue City demolition crew takes down illegal pipens at the old market site. (TONEE DESPOJO)

TENSION erupted in the second day of demolition of illegal pigpens in barangay Mantuyong, Mandaue City yesterday.

A day after saying he would obey the  demolition order, Mantuyong barangay captain Antonio Maquilan, with about 60 others, were ready to resist.

At about  9 a.m. when the demolition team was finishing taking down Maquilan’s pigpen, he angrily complained and challenged them to a fight.

At that time, only one police officer escorted the demolition team.

“We thought, that like  yesterday, the barangay captain was supporting us,” said Buddy Alain Ybañez, staffer of the city legal officer.

The team leader,  Edmundo Maboloc, reported the incident to the Mandaue City Police who returned at 11 am. with more police escorts to finish the demolition.

The barangay captain said his  temper started to rise upon seeing the remains of his piggery, his main source of income in the last 20 years, being torn down.

“Gi-higblood naman gud k. Okay ako sila gihangyo nga pabilinan lang gamay, kay butangan nako sa sinakong uling, kay sayang kaayo, ug ako pa mismo niboluntaryo nga moguba niini,” Maquilan said in a separate interview.

(I lost my temper because I pleaded for them to  leave something behind of the structure because I planned to use it  to sell charcoal. I was even willing to take it down myself.)

City Legal Officer Giovanni Tianero said that he would study the evidence  gathered  to see what legal action to take against Maquilan for criminal or administrative liability before the  Ombudsman.

Tianero said he was dismayed with Maquilan’s actions since he had already expressed full cooperation with the demolition.

The  pigpens occupy a government lot along Mantuyong Creek and lacks a  sanitation permit.

The illegal pigpens at B. Ceniza Street, barangay Mantuyong were demolished for violating the Sanitary Code and Animal Welfare Act.

They were asked to transfer their piggeries in barangay Labogon where the city government operates a slaughterhouse.

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