Village chief apologizes for resisting demolition

Posted on October 5, 2012


Anti-riot police secure the demolition of illegal pigpens in barangay Mantuyong, Mandaue City on Sept. 26 (TONEE DESPOJO)

by Fe Marie Dumaboc and Norman Mendoza, Correspondents


Saying his emotions got the better of him, a barangay captain apologized to the Mandaue city government  for verbally confronting a demolition crew who tore down illegally built pigpens in sitio Ihawan, barangay Mantuyong.

Tension erupted last Sept. 27 when Mantuyong barangay captain Antonio Maquilan resisted a  demolition team after his pigpens were destroyed.

This happened during  the second day of demolition where only one policeman was present. On the first day, several policemen were escorting the demolition which went smoothly.

Maquilan challenged  the head of the demolition team to a fight.  He later said  he lost his temper when his plea for the team to leave behind part of the structure so he could sell charcoal was ignored.

In a press conference yesterday, Maquilan directed his apology at Mayor Jonas Cortes, city administrator James Abadia, city legal officer Giovanni Tianero and the city enforcement unit headed by Edmund Maboloc.

“Nangayo kog pasaylo nila ni Mayor, nahitabo to tungod kay nagpada ko sa akong emotion, tawo rako makasala pud (I apologize to the mayor. I was carried away by my emotions. I am just human and can  commit mistakes),” said Maquilan.

The city legal office earlier planned to take legal action against Maquilan for his defiant stance.

Yesterday, Tianero said the barangay captain’s apology will be taken into consideration in their investigation.

Tianero said the area in B. Ceniza Street which was cleared of  pigpens is being considered as a  site for the  new Centro police station.

At present, the police station occupies the second floor of a  dilapidated  market building.

A study will be made to determine if the area is  a good location for a  police station, said Tianero.

Pigpen owners were relocated to  a slaughter house in barangay Labogon.

They asked the mayor to allow tricycles to travel in the area since the place is remote and poorly lit.

The pigpen owners said their income was  affected since there were fewer  customers in the new location.

Tianero said the sentiments of the pigpen owners will be relayed to the Mandaue City Council for their appropriate action.

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