Cutie submits father’s papers

Posted on October 6, 2012




by Doris C. Bongcac, Chief of Reporters



“I love my job, but I love my father more.”

With these words, Rep. Rachel “Cutie” del Mar  kissed a reelection bid goodbye and let her father, former north district congressman Raul del Mar, seek a fresh term.

“I said to myself that I will yield to my father because anyway, I can always run after his term ends,”  said Cutie, ending weeks of speculation about who between them would file a certificate of candidacy (COC).

Rep. Tomas Osmeña, who is running for his old seat as Cebu City mayor, said the del Mars just kept their political decision private until the  deadline.

He said  Raul’s return to the  north district would mean possibly having a Cebuano as the next Speaker of the House or at least chairmanship of major committiees given Raul’s previous rank as Deputy Speaker and over 20 years experience as a congressman.

“This will give a very good advantage to Cebu City. That is why I am happy,” said Osmeña.

Their  main competition, remains showbiz talent manager Annabelle Rama of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

Dr. Marlo Maamo finally decided to run as an independent after failing to get the UNA nomination.

Five other independent candidates are seeking  the post –  former Regional Trial Court judge Donato Navarro, former regional state prosecutor Vicente Mañalac, security guard Juan Arenasa, Pablo Doronio and Eliseo Tu.

The del Mars kept their cards close to their chest until the last minute.

Father and daughter  arrived at the Comelec office  about 3 p.m.  with Bando Osmena Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) allies.

Cutie showed reporters her COC and that of her father then sat on a chair to wait with her parents and and brother Ryan.

When her turn to file was called, she paused as if trying to shuffle the  documents in both hands before she handed over her father’s COC.

Rep. Cutie Del Mar gives her father’s certificate of candidacy to Cebu City south district Comelec officer Edwin Cadungog. (JUNJIE MENDOZA)

“Are you sure?’  Comelec officer Edwin Cadungog asked.

“I’m sure,” Cutie replied.

Murmurs behind them among  BO-PK  supporters  turned into laughter  when word spread that the elder Del Mar would run. A crowd of about 200 supporters  waiting outside the Comelec office applauded.

The elder del  Mar said he was happy with his daughter’s  “personal sacrifice” for him and assured  that Cutie would still work  him in his congressional office should he get a fresh term.

Amid speculation that  the candidacy of Annabelle Rama was the cause of their indecision until the last minute, Raul said “nobody has anything to do with this.”

“Our competitors don’t matter. What we will do is to try to convince our constituents to continue to support us.”

Asked if he would aim for the House Speakership if he wins in 2013,  Raul said it was too early to make such plans./with reports from Edison delos Angeles

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