Calm returns to Talisay school after alleged spirit possession

Posted on October 11, 2012


ALL was quiet at the Jaclupan National High School in barangay Jaclupan, Talisay City two days after 31 students and a parent experienced convulsions and erratic behavior due allegedly to spirit possession.

School officials said students from various levels gathered in one classroom to attend class.

Principal Maria Imelda Valde said they’re not suspending class for one week after Msgr. Frederick Krekeenbek, the official exorcist of the Cebu Archdiocese, held Mass in their school.

Valde said they are urging the parents to send their children back to school because everything is back to normal.

She said she visited the homes of the students to ease the concerns of the parents.

City Social Welfare and Development chief Felipa Solana visited the school and offered to submit the students to stress debriefing to ease their anxieties.

Talisay City Councilor Celiapo Cabuenas said the parents wanted their children to first undergo exorcism by a priest before submitting to medical tests.

The incident began when a school girl claimed to have seen the ghost of a dead girl. The schoolgirl then fainted and started having seizures.

Then the hysteria spread to 17 other students and 14 students on the following day. Msgr. Krekeenbek was called in to attend to the students./ Correspondent Gabriel C. Bonjoc

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