Comelec officials told: Act mindful in public

Posted on October 12, 2012


THE fallout from his meeting with controversial boxing promoter Rex “Wakee” Salud has affected Cebu City north district election officer Marchel Sarno who said even his family was disturbed by the news stories.

“I know this is part of the hazards of the job of an election officer. I also know that I do not make everyone happy with how I perform my job,” he said, adding that his conscience is clean and he has nothing to fear even if he’s investigated.

He reiterated that the Sept. 22 meeting with Salud in a restaurant at Parkmall Mandaue wasn’t arranged.

Sarno said he only chanced upon Salud when he entered the restaurant with friend Fil Gomos, who happens to be Salud’s lawyer.

Sarno said he didn’t meet Salud for a free lunch in exchange for some election advice. He said he paid for his and Gomos lunch.

He said he was called by Regional Comelec director Timie Lambino about the incident.

The lunch meeting between Sarno and Salud was photographed by CEBU DAILY NEWS.

Sarno said he’s confident that his verbal explanation was sufficient though he’s ready to submit a written explanation on the incident.

He is also prepared to be sent on another assignment during the election, a practice which Comelec adopts every election.

Sarno said he was assigned at the Mandaue City election office in the 2010 election.

“I can answer for myself. It’s better for me to be relieved for standing up to my principles than being removed for doing nothing,” Sarno said. / Chief of Reporters Doris G. Bongcac

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