Devotees in wheelchair, bicycle join Pedro’s send-off

Posted on October 17, 2012


The image leaves the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral at 8 a.m. after a Mass. (TONEE DESPOJO)

AT the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, 37-year-old Shiela Padilla arrived alone in her wheelchair.

Polio struck her at the age of 4, leaving her with feelings of self-pity and uselessness.

She became a devotee of Pedro Calungsod after his 2000 beatification.

While she didn’t find a cure, she found hope that life would still be good with constant prayers for Calungsod’s intercesssion for the wellbeing of her family and friends.

She’s content, said Padilla, a resident of Mambaling, Cebu City.

“Pero ang maayo, padayon gihapon nako giampo. Ma-feel gyud nako ang iyang ka-holy, mao ng bahala wa koy koyug, naningkamot ko nga makaabot dinhi sa Cathedral,” Padilla said.

(But it’s better that I continue to pray. I can feel his holiness. That’s why, no matter if I have no one to accopmpany me, I made sure to come to the cathedral).

On the motorcade to the airport, Bernard Pulutan, rode his bicycle. The 61-year-old shoe shine worker followed behind Pedro’s glass encased image mounted on a panel truck. He stuck to the route despite reprimands from volunteer marshalls to stay by the roadside.

The sun was glaring and an occasional rain shower fell. He stuck to the route.

“Ako naman gud ni nasaad sa akong giisip nga patron, si Beato Calungsod nga mokuyog ko sa motorkada, magkinaunsa man, para ni niya,” he said.

(This was my vow to my patron, Beato Calungsod, that I would accompany his motorcade. No matter what happens, this is for him.”) said Pulutan who lives in downtown Sikatuna Street, Cebu City.

He said he woke up at 3 a.m. to attend the Mass at the Calungsod Shrine ni D. Jakosalem St.and accompanied the transfer for Pedro’s image to the cathedral, where he waited two more hours for the motorcade to start.

Although their family is poor, Pulutan said they get by day to day .

“Ang akong sigeng pangaliya, nga maayo lang gyud permi ang panlawas sa akong pamilya ug world peace,” he said smiling.

(What I always ask for is good health for my family and world peace.)

Pulutan said he was happy to be among those who joined the send-off of the image of Calungsod. He said he would join other church activities especially the Nov. 30 thanksgiving mass at the SRP. /Correspondent Fe Marie D. Dumaboc

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