Day-as fire victims appeal for help

Posted on October 19, 2012


MANY school children in barangay Day-as, Cebu City missed their classes yesterday.

Wednesday’s fire that hit their community destroyed their clothes.

The fire affected 79 families and 42 house owners, leaving 354 individuals homeless based on the records of Cebu City’s Dept. of Social Welfare Services (DSWS).
The fire hit three sitios of Moon Face, Buli and Tender Heart.

Basic relief packs of food were distributed to the victims.

For 10-year-old Lloyd and his 12 year-old brother Loreto, the fire forced them to skip school yesterday after losing all their clothes, including school uniforms and shoes.

They were among the children staying with their families in the Day-as gymnasium until yesterday.

“Mama was the only one at home when the fire hit. That’s why she wasn’t able to save many of our things,” Lloyed told Cebu Daily News.

Because of the emergency, the brothers who are in grades 5 and grade 6, are appealing for help so they can catch up with school lessons as soon as possible.
Evacuees at the Day-as gymnasium sleep on cartoon sheets on the floor.

Some residents went back to their razed homes to put up tents.

The fire victims said what they need most is clean water, sleeping mats and kitchen utensils. /Chito O. Aragon, Correspondent

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