Cyber uproar over non-placement in Miss International

Posted on October 21, 2012


October 22, 2012

by Orly Cajegas

AFTER millions of Filipinos were joyfully glued to their TV sets for the canonization of San Pedro Calungsod in Rome, cyberspace was abuzz with the possibility that Cebuana-German Nicole Schmitz might be the fifth Filipina to win the crown at the Miss Internatioanal pageant, held this year  in Okinawa, Japan. (There was no live coverage, only live streaming.)

But from heavy anticipation to a unprecedented upset, netizens were in an uproar and asking why this frontrunner was robbed of the crown.

When Miss Philippines was called to be part of the Top 15 out of the 89 contenders, pageant blog  tweeted: “Miss Philippines in Top 15, and the house erupts in jubilation!”

In her elegant white evening gown, Miss Philippines Nicole seemingly sealed the deal with her one-minute prepared speech that had saying: “perfect diction and conviction.”

Social network Facebook in Cebu and micro-blogging sites were in a raucous when beauty queen maker Jonas Borces posted minutes before the proclamation that “Miss Philippines is the new Miss International.”

It took a minute or two to realize that Nicole’s name wasn’t at all called in the Top 5, much to the chagrin of pageant enthusiasts all over the world.

But Nicole Schmitz made her message crystal clear:

“Peace, love, unity. These three words are the Miss International pageant. Having spent the past three weeks in Okinawa, I have witnessed the special connection it has with the world. Globalization and multicultural diversity can exist. We can be uniquely global and globally unique. This is my mission. I want people to appreciate that we not only belong to local communities but world at large. By this understanding we can contribute to global goals. I am standing here in front of you open to offer my heritage and myself, as a strong, compassionate, responsible and independent woman in this quest for global harmony. And I can stand here proudly and consider myself an international citizen.”

Clearly, to many of us, Nicole will  go down in history as the only hands-down winner who wasn’t proclaimed the title-holder. tweeted such: “Miss World 2012: China’s Yu Wenxia (won in China); Miss International 2012: Japan’s Ikumi Yoshimatsu (just won in Japan). #hometowndecision?”

Oh, why can’t have a saint and a beauty queen in one day?

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