Victims’ kin file charges against bus driver

Posted on October 30, 2012


CHARGES of reckless imprudence resulting to multiple homicides and physical injuries were filed yesterday against the bus driver of the Jegans bus that crashed in Don Andres Soriano (DAS) road in Toledo City.

Relatives of the passengers who died in the bus crash accompanied the police when they filed the complaint against the driver Allan Pastidio at the Toledo City prosecutor’s office.

In her affidavit bus passenger Teresita Tabañag, who boarded in Cebu City, said she heard a loud clunking sound from the vehicle’s engine before the crash.

“I stood up because I felt something was wrong with the bus. I started to pray because I was afraid,” she said.

Not long after the bus zig-zagged downhill and rammed a concrete fence before falling on the right side of the road.

Tabañag’s niece died while another niece sustained serious injuries. Tabanag survived with slight injuries.

The driver, Pastidio admitted trying to overtake a bus earlier in the trip but said he slowed down on reaching DAS road in Toledo City.

“You can’t speed up there because its an uphill area,” he said in Cebuano.

He also said his brake malfunctioned, causing the bus to fall on its right side. Pastidio said he’s ready to face the case filed against him.

He apologized to the victims, saying what happened was an accident beyond his control.

In a separate TV interview, Estrella Yapha wife of bus company owner Dr. Antonio Yapha, said Pastidio was a reliever of the regular bus driver.

She said he was hired recently and was undergoing a three-month training so wasn’t able to undergo the seminars offered by the Land Transportation Office.
Adriano Limbang, whose wife Melinda died in the crash, said she was about to get off when the accident happened.

He said the crash site was only a few meters from their house.

Adriano said he learned about the accident later from his younger brother.

A shoe factory worker in Inayagan, Naga City, Melinda would go home everyday from 7 to 8 p.m y in DAS, Toledo City, Adriano said.

He said he tried to contact Melinda’s cellphone.

“Gidala na diay sa hospital. Pero taman ra siya sa morgue,” (She was brought to the hospital, but she was already dead.),” Adriano said.

Adriano, who has three children with Melinda, said he hopes the company keeps its promise to help the victims.

Regional Director Ahmed Cuizon of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board in Central Visayas (LTFRB-7) said their inspection of the Jegans bus company showed it was only Pastidio who didn’t submit a certification of training from the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (Tesda). Contributor Joy Cherry S. Quito

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