Reject students pleading, STC asks court

Posted on November 2, 2012


ST. Theresa’s College (STC) asked the court to deny the pleading filed by two parents whose daughters were barred from the school’s March 30 graduation rites.

STC lawyer Joan Largo opposed the parents’ request to cite the school in default for failing to answer their plea for intervention in the case.

The girls were among five graduating seniors punished for posting what the school said were “lewd” photos of themselves on their Facebook accounts.

“There is no complaint-in-intervention and amended complaint-in-intervention to be answered because to date, there is no order admitting any of the petition or complaint filed by the proposed intervenors,” Largo said.

She said the two parents could not be considered intervenors since the main case was already withdrawn and closed by the court.

Regional Trial Court Judge Silvestre Maamo Jr. of Branch 17 has yet to resolve the pleading.

Lawyer Cornelio Mercado, counsel of the two parents, said the case against STC is still alive.

Though the main petitioner already backed out of the case, Mercado said an amended complaint was filed that allowed the intervention of his clients.

Five STC graduating seniors were originally barred from attending their commencement rites as punishment for “serious” violations of the Student Handbook.

Four of the girls and their parents and guardian sued STC.

The main petitioner withdrew from the case a few months later while another girl backed out after an amicable settlement was reached with the school. /Reporter Ador Vincent Mayol

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