Rama raises supplemental budget, seeks council approval

Posted on November 4, 2012


AFTER an initial rejection by the Cebu City Council, Mayor Michael Rama submitted anew his proposed supplemental budget 2 and raised the amount from P233 million to P267.7 million or an additional P34 million.

“I wish I don’t have to say anything critical. Don’t blame me for what action I will take if they continue to delay it,” the mayor said.

He said he’s no longer amused with the council’s “efficiency” in rejecting his budget requests.

The P267.7 million supplemental budget 2 includes outlays for additional allowances for senior citizens, payment of honoraria of some City Hall workers and the purchase of additional gasoline supplies.

The executive department first submitted to the council the proposed SB 2 worth P233 million last July.

But the council’s budget committee chaired by Councilor Margot Osmeña returned the mayor’s proposal.

They cited the lack of certification on the availability of fund sources identified for the additional appropriation.

The revised SB 2 worth P267.7 million includes a breakdown of the proposed appropriation and was submitted last month.

Osmeña’s budget committee conducted a budget hearing on Oct. 18 to discuss SB2.

But in a committee report rendered by Councilor Noel Wenceslao, the budget committee asked for additional documents to support the appropriations.

Among those asked are a certified statement of funding sources for 2009 and 2010 funds which were reverted to support SB2 and a breakdown of obligations dated from 2009 present that will have to be paid from SB 2.

The council also wanted to know what happened to the P1 billion overstatement in previous SBs passed by the council.

Since the mayor’s office asked for a P5.3 million appropriation for the honorarium of the Environmental Sanitation Enforcement Team, the budget committee asked for a listing of said BEOs.

A breakdown was also required from the P30 million request for gasoline, oil and lubricants and the P3 million appropriation for the payment of various scholarship expenses.

“They’re so excessively efficient,” Rama said when sought for comment about the budget committee’s request for additional documentary evidences.

Rama also warns he will take action against the council if they continue to delay approval of SB2. /Chief of Reporters Doris C. Bongcac 

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