‘Annabelle drops by home’

Posted on November 5, 2012



A 46-YEAR-OLD male tenant confirmed that talent manager and Cebu City north district congressional candidate Annabelle Rama regularly visits her ancestral house in 131 Rahman St., Zapatera Cebu city.

Ricky Jumawan, a tenant of the house for a decade said Annabelle and her family visit their ancestral house weekly or every Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

“They don’t visit on a weekend,” said Jumawan, who entertained the queries of Cebu Daily News since the caretaker wasn’t around at that time.

He said most of the time Eddie Gutierrez, Annabelle’s husband and their son Ritchie Paul accompany her everytime they visit Cebu.

Jumawan said Annabelle’s family usually stayed for a few hours and asked the occupants about the house.

“Mangumusta sila (They would greet us),” Jumawan said.

Jumawan said he was referred by his friend, a niece of Evelyn Rama, to rent the house.

He said he considered that Annabelle and her siblings entrusted the house to him and his family, aside from the caretaker Melvin Lambojon.

Evelyn, a former beauty queen is Annabelle’s half-sister based in Canada.

When sought for comment on Annabelle’s residency, former congressman Raul del Mar said he won’t question the transfer of the Gutierrez family’s voting residency to Cebu.

“We are not questioning if Annabelle is qualified to run nor are we questioning whether or not the members of the family are qualified to vote for her, because it doesn’t matter to us one way or the other,” del Mar told Cebu Daily News.

Annabelle shares her ancestral house with her six siblings including George Rama, the barangay capatain of Basak San Nicolas, Cebu city.

Annabelle is the fifth child while George is the third child in the Rama clan.

Last Nov. 1, Annabelle and Gutierrez family members visited the Cebu Memorial Park where their parents Feliciana Rosal and Laurente Rama were buried./ Correspondent Tweeny M. Malinao


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