Workers of Calungsod templete also sacrifice for the new saint

Posted on November 5, 2012


A construction worker climbs to a beam in the Calungsod templete. The workers even during holidays to finish the templete for the Thanksgiving Mass of San Pedro Calungsod on Nov. 30 at South Road Properties. (TONEE DESPOJO)

Workers of the templete to be used for the Nov. 30 National Thanksgiving Mass for San Pedro Calungsod said their work there is not just to earn money.

Although they receive salaries for their labor, the templete workers said they are receiving less compared to working in regular construction projects.

“Kining among pagtrabaho dinhi dala na halad ngadto kang (San) Pedro Calungsod. (The work we do here carries with it our offering to San Pedro Calungsod),” 39-year-old laborer Raul Capacite told Cebu Daily News.

Aside from the meager than usual pay, over 30 workers have to endure working under the scorching sun or under the rain as they race to finish the project in time for the Nov. 30 event.

“Uwan, init among agwantahon. Ang akong lang nga maluwas ang akong pamilya. Siya (Calungsod) na ang mahibaw namo. (We endure the heat and rain. All I ask of St. Pedro Calungsod is to sustain the needs of my family. It’s up to him to take care of us),” said Capacite.

Capacite, a foreman, gets P400 a day for assisting and supervising fellow laborers who are assigned to put up bamboo designs at the templete.

Other workers at the templete earn P200 to P280, depending on the skills they possess.

“Mahal na unta ang among madawat kon didto pa mi motrabaho sa lain nga project. Wala nay mosugot ani nga rate sa among trabaho karon apan dala na ni halad ngadto ni Pedro Calungsod. Ato gud na nga idol. (We would have earned much if we opted to accept other projects. No one is amenable to the rates we get in constructing the templete. But we offer our work to St. Pedro. He’s our idol),” said Capacite, a construction worker since he was 18 years old.

Although their accommodation at the templete is free of charge, laborers have to buy their own food.

As the national thanksgiving Mass draws near, laborers are asked to do overtime works until 10 p.m.

“Padayon mi bisan kon mag-uwan. (Work continues even if it rains),” said Capacite, a father of six.

Fr. Raul Gallego, the chairperson of the committee on venue, lauded the laborers for their selflessness in dedicating their work for Calungsod.

Gallego recognized the contributions of the laborers who are working hard to finish the work on time for the national celebration that will gather around 1 million people from all over the country. /Ador Vincent Mayol, Reporter

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