Japanese charged for estafa

Posted on November 11, 2012


Suspect accused of duping fellow Japanese to get P100,000

A complaint for estafa was filed against a Japanese national accused of trying to milk money from a fellow Japanese in barangay Basak San Nicolas, Cebu City.

Akera Arisawa, 61, of Tokyo, Japan showed up on Nov. 8 at the apartment of Toshio Ozeki with two Filipino companions including a man who introduced himself as a policeman.

Arisawa told the Japanese national that he had a pending warrant of arrest and could be arrested unless he gives them P100,000.

Out of fear, Ozeki gave them P10,000 as initial payment. It was a ruse. There was no warrant and the men were not policemen. The security guard of the apartment became suspicios and brought Arisawa to the Mambaling police station.

Arisawa’s Filipino companions were able to escape.

At the police precinct, Arisawa admitted that they just made up the story that Ozeki had a pending arrest warrant so they could get money from him./ Correspondent Chito Aragon

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