Aman Futures CEO apologizes to clients

Posted on November 13, 2012


(Transcript of a video posted on YouTube of Manuel Amalilio addressing investors in sometimes broken English as he appears to read from a statement. The location and date are not mentioned but the video was posted “six days ago” according to the site. – Editors)

GOOD noon.

Peace be upon you, brothers and sisters. To the investor, I am willing to pay back only the capital snce Aman investment has financial crisis due to unexplained shortage of fund by Fernando “Nonoy” Luna.

I have helped him a lot paying all his shortage in the extent that even I get my personal money to pay his shortage. I don’t really know what his problem since he bought a lot of properties and accept investments even through land title. How can we trade using land title?

But by God’s grace, I am a human being. My intention is to help the poor. I can live in a luxury life with my own money and together with my family. But now I lost my family.

Also I understand the situation of all the investor. Please forgive me for the late action since I want to prioritize my safety first before finding solution to the problem.

I try my best to find remedy even step by step. I try to return back the capital because it is impossible to pay the interest since we stopped the operation already.

In one year or two years time, I will do my best to make this thing possible. But also I need your cooperation as of now I’m in my process of solving this matter.

As soon as there is no problem, there’s no media I will immediate immediately do the trading and will deliver the fund to the trust person so all of you can receive but please pray a lot and we hope with Gods willing and god bless, things will be solved. Thank you.

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