Joavan’s mother buried in Talisay

Posted on November 25, 2012


THE 72-year-old wife of Talisay City Mayor Socrates Fernandez was buried last Friday afternoon after succumbing to a heart ailment last Tuesday.

Jovita Fernandez’s remains were interred in the city’s public cemetery in barangay Poblacion after a funeral mass at the St. Joseph’s Parish Church in barangay Tabunok.

She was taken to the South General Hospital last October and was discharged a week later. Several days after, Mrs Fernandez was rushed to Miller Hospital and was under intensive care for about a month.

Her serious medical condition was the reason given by her adopted son Joavan Fernandez on why he got irked and fired his gun at a gasoline station when pump attendants refused to let him gas up as he had exceeded his credit limit. Joavan was jittery during his stepmother’s wake as he feared that police may show up and arrest him in connection with the incident.

However, Supt. Eddie Recamara chief of the Talisay City Police Office, said that they cannot legally arrest Joavan as they have no warrant from the court ordering that the mayor’s son who had several brushes with the law be arrested.

He said the police already filed an illegal discharge of firearm against Joavan last Tuesday morning. /Correspondent Gabriel C. Bonjoc

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