M’daue, Lapu pyrotechnics stores told to ensure safety

Posted on December 3, 2012


WITH the Christmas season just two weeks away, the Mandaue City government assigned a vacant lot near the new market in sitio Tribunal, barangay Centro for a pyrotechnics store.

But before selling is allowed Chief Insp. Ronaldo Orbeta, Mandaue fire marshal told Cebu Daily News that the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) will be inspecting the stalls with its desired distance.

Orbeta said the area identified by the Mandaue City government said Orbeta is safe since it is near the sea and there no residential areas nearby.

Orbeta said a ban on pyrotechnics will prevent accidents but it’s impossible to enforce in a highly urbanized city like Mandaue.

He said there is an existing city ordinance regarding the regulation of pyrotechnics.

He remembered the deadly Dec. 24, 2009 fire caused by firecrackers in the reclamation area.

Two hours before Christmas, a fireworks display near the Mandaue City Sports Complex caught fire, killing three persons – a pregnant woman and two minors. Six other suffered 2nd degree and 3rd degree burns.

Fire investigators blamed a wayward firecracker that dropped into one of the firecracker stalls for the holiday inferno.

Those who plan to sell pyrotechnics need to get a permit from City Hall and a briefing on fire safety and BFP inspection.

They are required to have fire extinguishers or water that may be used to fight fire.

Meanwhile, Lapu-Lapu Mayor Paz Radaza said the manufacturers and distributors of pyrotechnics will be required to attend safety seminars.

Radaza said as long as safety concerns are observed, the pyrotechnics business is good especially in their city which has a rich tradition of pyrotechnics manufacturing.

Barangay Babag in Lapu-Lapu City is known for their pyrotechnics.

The sale of firecrackers has been opened in barangay Babag, said Radaza.

She assured that they have inspected them to ensure they conform to safety standards. /Jucell Marie P. Cuyos, Correspondent

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