Army soldier caught with guns at Pier 1

Posted on December 11, 2012


A Philippine Army soldier was arreste d l a s t Sunday night at Cebu City’s Pier One for trying to ship several illegal firearms to Mindanao.

Cpl. Richard Francilizo, 37, assigned in Panay Island was arrested after Cebu port security guards, discovered the guns, sought police assistance.

Six .45 pistols and a .357 revolver were found in a bag that Francilizo carried, police said.


Cebu City Police Chief Melvin Ramon Buenafe said that illegal gun shipments were expected to increase because the elections were drawing near.

Buenafe said that the guns which were apparently made in Danao City were supposed to b e shipped to Mindanao via D umague te.


But last Sunday night, the guns were instead shipped for Dumaguete then to Dapitan in Mindanao.

Pier 1 guards said that they inspected Francilizo’s bag and found the guns.

Buenafe also warned those who would ship guns to Mindanao that they would be arrested just like Francilizo.

When sought for comment, Francilizo, who was detained at the Waterfront Police Station detention cell, denied owning the guns and refused to answer questions./ Correspondent Chito O. Aragon

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