Osmeña New lady governor ‘is in control’

Posted on December 21, 2012


WHO’S calling the shots?

Rep. Tomas Osmeña said he was taking a back seat in handling the impasse at the Capitol where his political nemesis, suspended Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia is holding out.

“Governor Magpale is very much in control of this emerging development. You can experience her command of the situation in the extensive press conference,” he told Cebu Daily News.

“She is articulate, spontaneous and focused. She doesn’t even blink. I’m just her ally. I help formulate some of the options but she alone decides.”

“At one brief moment, she asked me how I thought she was doing. I just said ‘it’s fine’, but frankly she is ABOVE THE OTHERS.”

Magpale, who was sworn in as acting governor on Wednesday, following the order of succession, is a member of the Durano clan and the Danao-based party Bakud. She is running for vice governor in the May 2013 elections in an alliance with the Liberal Party.

Her first executive order was to form a transition team to review all finances and contracts. Her second, addressed to Capitol employees and officials, told them to conduct their duties keeping in mind that she was the governor now and that those who don’t acknowledge that “will be dealt with accordingly”.

Osmeña yesterday attended the 4th quarter assembly and Christmas part of the Association of Barangay Councils at the South Road Properties.

The congressman said Garcia’s refusal to step down “is only confirming that she deserves the suspension. That is abuse of authority. She is assuming power that she doesn’t have.”

He said the 6-month suspension “is the late vice governor Greg Sanchez’s gift to the Cebuanos and I think many Cebuanos are happy,”.

The congressman was asked to deliver a message but chose to instead brief some 48 barangay captains present about the governor’s suspension.

“Justice has finally been served. But the recommendation for suspension was not accelerated by me. It was signed by the late DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo,” Osmeña said.

He responded to accusations that he and other Liberal Party (LP) allies worked on the suspension to neutralize political opponents.

“Why (was the suspension served) only now? Greg is already dead and this is the time that they see justice. Why before Christmas? Everyday is before Christmas,” he said.

He said allegations that the suspension was politically motivated were baseless.

He said the case took two years to investigate and Garcia “underwent due process.”

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama said he was not scared if LP goes after him next and seeks his suspension.
He faces an administrative case for realigning P4.5 million of the ABC’s P5 million fund without the authority of the city council and the ABC.

Rama and allies in Team Rama attended a Mass at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral at 7 a.m. yesterday in support of Garcia. /Doris C. Bongcac, Edison A. Delos Angeles

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