PNP chief Revoke gun permit of Paulo, pals

Posted on December 29, 2012


CHIEF Supt. Garbo yesterday said he has recommended to Camp Crame the cancellation of the permit to carry firearms of Paulo Garcia and his two friends, Jose Ma. Primitivo “Joey” Cal and Tonyson Lee.

Garbo said the conduct of the governor’s son and his two friends in the Dec. 19 tense encounter at the Capitol main gate, where the police ground commander Insp. Alvin Enguito was slapped in the head for removing tents used by Garcia supporters, was enough basis not to let them bring firearms outside their residence.

Garbo earlier ordered intelligence personnel to conduct a background check and find out more about the three men.

The security agency of the Garcia family, managed by Garcia and located in the CFI Building in the Capitol compound, is also under scrutiny.

The governor’s son criticized the move of the PNP regional director to revoke his firearm permit.

“That exposes us to the risk of lawless elements. It means we can now be attacked because we don’t have a right to carry guns,” said Garcia.

Garcia said Thursday night’s strafing of Lee’s Black Panda Travel Tour agency in Mandaue City may be a sample of things to come.

“Maybe something bad will happen to our family business,” he told reporters.

His two friends, Cal and Lee, were described by police in an affidavit complaint for direct assault as “NBI assets” but the NBI regional office clarified later that Cal and Lee are “former assets” and had long been separated from the agency.

Garcia said he manages the GGC Security Group under the authority of the PNP Supervising Office of Security and Investigation Agencies (Socia) as of Nov. 28, 2012.
He said the business, whose former name was GGC Security and Manpower Services, has been operating for 20 years now.

He said the company had to change its name and function because of a Camp Crame directive for all security agencies to be separate from manpower agencies that offer other services like janitorial and clerical work.

(GGC are initials for Gwendolyn Garcia Codilla, the governor’s name before her marriage to Wenceslao Codilla of the Codilla political clan in Ormoc City was annulled.)

Paulo said the family-owned security agency has been operating in Leyte and Cebu.

He said the Socia issued a new license to operate but he has yet to receive the license in the new year.

From June 20, 2011 to Nov. 28, 2012, he said he had to process documents for the setup of a new corporation.

On his authority to carry a firearm, Paulo said he has one permit to carry for a pistol. He said all licenses for his guns are up to date. He keeps some firearms at home for security purposes.


Supt. Rex Derilo told his superior that the license of the Garcia’s security agency expired in June 2011 based on licensing records in the Firearms Security Agencies and Guards Supervisory Section (FESAGSS).

Derilo, FESAGSS chief told reporters that Pablo Garcia Codilla III has three guns registered with his office. One already expired and was revoked, he said. No other details were given.

Paulo insists paperwork is complete for his security agency and guns.

“My memory clear. I have no guns with an expired licenses”, he told Cebu Daily News. He wouldn’t say how many guns he keeps, citing security reasons.

Derilo said the security agency had a new name, which could explain the non-renewal of its license.

Derilo told Chief Supt. Marcelo Garbo in the presence of reporters, “Sir, 2011 pa pala na expire yung GGC security Services”. Garbo ordered him to evaluate what next steps to take.

“I would say that is half truth”, Paulo told CDN.

He explained that in 2011, the GGC Security and Manpower Services which he manages received a memorandum from Camp Crame requiring to keep security and manpower services separate and distinct from each other.

Garcia said he submitted all needed documents under the name of GGC Security Services with address in s the CFI Building in the Capitol compound. /Carmel Loise Matus and Chito Aragon, Correspondents

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