Working on a holiday? Expect more pay

Posted on December 29, 2012


Extra pay awaits those who work during the long holidays ahead – Dec. 30 (Rizal Day), Dec. 31, (a special non-working day) and Jan. 1 (a regular holiday.)

The last week of the year has the most number of holidays.

The Philippine Labor Code entitles employees additional pay for work done on holidays.

For the regular holidays on Dec. 30, Sunday, and Jan. 1, Monday, if this falls on a work day, those who go on duty to work are entitled to 200 percent of the basic wage for the first eight hours.

Those not working on those days are entitled to 100 percent of the regular daily rate provided he or she was present or was on leave with pay on the workday immediately preceeding the holiday.

If it is an employee’s rest day, the employee who works is entitled to 200 percent holiday premium plus 30 percent.

For special non-working holidays like Dec. 31, Monday, an employee who works is entitled to 130 percent of basic pay.

If unworked, the employee is not entitled to any payment unless there is a company policy or practice or collective bargaining agreement granting payment for special holidays even if not worked.

If the special holiday falls on the employee’s rest day, the employee who works is entitled to 150 percent of the regular daily salary.

The rule on overtime pay which is an additional 30 percent to the regular hourly rate applies during regular and special non-working holidays.

In 2012, the Philippines has 12 non-working holidays and six special non-working holidays.

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz reminded private sector employers to observe the pay rules and other labor rules during the 2012 Christmas and New Year holidays.

“In the interest of workers’ welfare and protection, I urge you to pursue labor standards-based excellence by observing the pay rules and other core labor and occupational safety and health standards on 24, 25, 30 and 31 December 2012 and 1 January 2013,” Baldoz said in a statement. /with reports from Inquirer

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