Wakee not giving up on poll bid

Posted on January 5, 2013


REX “Wakee” Salud is not giving up his mayoralty bid just yet despite a ruling by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in Manila granting the petition of Cordova Mayor Adelino Sitoy to cancel the boxing promoter’s Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for lack of residency.

“I’ve told my supporters not to worry. It”s not final yet. There are still legal remedies available out there and it will be a long process,” Salud told Cebu Daily News.

In a TV Patrol Central Visayas report, Salud revealed that he arranged ahead to field Johnson Tan Jr. as mayor in his place in case he lost the Comelec case. Tan earlier filed his COC as candidate for Cordova mayor.

Salud said he knew about the adverse ruling last week.

“We are still waiting for the copy of the decision before planning what move to make next,” said Salud.

Salud accused Sitoy of masterminding the case.

“He is a veteran lawyer. I know he is behind this. I was surprised because there are over 200 election-related cases in the second division and my case was prioritized for decision,” Salud said.

“We will continue to fight.”

Salud said he was willing to accept defeat in the event that a decision to cancel his candidacy is ruled with finality.

“In that case, better luck next time. If the decision disallowing me to run is already final, I will accept it. But for now, we will to continue to fight,” Salud said.

The Comelec didn’t accept Salud’s claim that he he has been a resident of Cordova since June 2011 when he rented a house owned by Marcosa Dinoy and bought a 2,000 square meter lot in the town in July 2013. /Editorial Assistant Calvin D. Cordova

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