Kids steal Korean’s cellphone

Posted on January 8, 2013


A KOREAN lost his cellphone worth P30,000 to five boys in barangay Apas, Cebu City last Sunday.

Yong Chul Jang, 39, told police that the five boys stole his Vega Racer II, smartphone made in Korea.

Investigation showed that Yong was standing near the Tree Shades Spa at 9 p.m. when two boys approached him.

Three other boys followed later. The boys tried to distract him by begging for money from him.

A few minutes later the boys left. He then noticed that his cellphone that he placed in his pocket was gone.

Yong who’s temporarily staying at a dormitory in Talamban Cebu City, brought with him the administrator of the dormitory, to help him file charges against those who stole his phone.

But police said that the boys are minors and couldn’t be arrested.

They were however investigating the incident.

Police said that the Korean was a victim of the Tiempo gang, where a group of kids would try to distract their victim which was usually a foreigner, while one member of the group would pick the pocket of the victim./Correspondent Tweeny M. Malinao

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