Son defends Acting Gov. Magpale

Posted on January 11, 2013


THE youngest son of Acting Gov. Agnes Magpale said the family stands behind her in her tasks as a public servant ”to help maintain the order of things” no matter how the Court of Appeals rules on the suspension case of Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia.

Provincial Board Member Miguel Antonio A. Magpale, in a statement, said the acting governor, who was sworn in three weeks ago, “has to face all odds in the service of our people,” including being insulted and called names by her opponents.

Miguel, a former councilor of Danao City, was appointed in September 2012 to fill the vacancy left by his mother in the Provincial Board representing the 5th district, when she succeeded the late vice governor Greg Sanchez Jr. who died of lung cancer in 2011.

Mrs. Magpale, a widow, has repeatedly said she would step down immediately as acting governor if the court grants Garcia a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO).
Miguel issued this statement on the eve of the court’s deliberation:

“Ever since the unpaid obligations came piling up in our offices and seeing the real picture of our beloved Cebu’s financial standing, our lives not just as public servants but as Cebuanos, have never been the same again.

“Damage control has started since December 19. The Acting Governor has been insulted, called names, mocked, disrespected and degraded. But perhaps one day, other Cebuanos will understand why these things had to happen, why Agnes Magpale and everybody behind her has to face all odds in the service of our people.

“The Acting Governor has already fulfilled her mission in life. There has always been food on the table, beds to sleep on, a house to live in. We have been sent to good schools and prepared for life. She has no other interest at this point in her life other than to make its people united and to make this province great again.

“Her service to our family as a loving mother and a faithful wife has long been converted to public service almost 20 years ago.

“Whether or not this Temporary Restraining Order is given, there will still be a lot of explaining to do for our fellow Cebuanos.

“We stand behind her as a family and as public servants to help maintain the order of things.“Her commitment to show transparency, honesty and good governance will continue as long as the people will want to be served the way they deserve.”

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